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 B2 English exam: Cost, online simulation, exercises to prepare, structure

The B2 First English exam is the intermediate point between the B1 Preliminary and the C1 Advanced, according to Cambridge it proves that you have the language skills to be able to live in an English-speaking country with work or if you want to study in any English lesson.

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What's better than taking English lessons by yourself? Invite your friends to take English lessons. As we already know the academic world and the job market are very competitive, but don't let behind your friends in the process.

 KET Certification: English Test Level and Test.

The KET certificate (Key English Test) is a certificate that corresponds to level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The A2 is the level that marks the basic users of Shakespeare's language.

IELTS simulations: exercises, simulation and exam test

Practicing for IELTS exams it’s important, no matter if you are going for Academic or General Training. That is why having IELTS exams on hand is what allows you to prepare for better results as soon as you have to take the exam.

IELTS Preparation: Courses, books, examples, tips and exercises to better prepare you.

Taking an exam without preparation is not the most sensible thing in the world, as in all the exams we have taken from elementary school to university, study and planning make the difference when taking an academic evaluation.

IELTS Test: English Test Simulation, Preparation, Format and Scores

The IELTS exam: it has 3 versions, Academic, General Training, IELTS UKVI and Life Skills. They all have a 4 part division similar to TOEFL: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The exams are given in authorized and specialized centers.

Cost of the IELTS exam: how much does the certification costs

The IELTS exam is an evaluation that tests English for employees, but this was already covered in a previous entry. The evaluation is certified by the Common European Framework of Reference, and the costs to take it depend on each country.

TOEFL Writing: What is a good score?, difficulty, practical examples and topics.

Writing is one of the fundamental pieces when it comes to learning English, because it allows us to organize our listening and speaking skills in a structure that prepares us to use it on a day-to-day basis.

TOEFL score: Levels, grades, benchmarks for results

Once we are studying for the TOEFL exam, these doubts come to us: How are we qualified? Will it be a classic scoring system from 1 to 10 or a more verbal system like “Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor”? Will I have to sign up for a level I want to take when I do the paperwork for the exam? How will I...

IELTS or TOEFL: Which one is better for gaining a job, differences, similarities and which one to choose

There are a large number of exams to certify knowledge in English, but one of the most outstanding for academic or working life are the IELTS and TOEFL exams.

TOEFL: Dates, place of the exam, how difficult is it?

Many doubts arise when you take the test with a foreign language on a daily basis, but if you intend to take the TOEFL test, it is normal to wonder how difficult this test can be.

TOEFL listening: How to prepare for the listening test, exercises, scores and structure of the test

Listening exercises are one of the four parts of the exam. What is sought in this section is to evaluate how much listening comprehension the applicant has, that is, how much they can retain and understand when listening to an exam in English.

TOEFL Speaking: How to practice, argumentation and conversation topics

As with the writing section of the TOEFL, the oral section includes two types of questions: “independent” and “integrated”.

TOEFL practice: How to prepare for the practical part of the test

Probably, if you have studied English at some point in your life, the phrase "Think in English" has resonated in some way. This isn't only a teachers cliché but it has a reason.

TOEFL exam: Fees, How can you do it and what the English certification is for

TOEFL exams are an effective alternative if you want to certify your English skills, since they are widely accepted among English-speaking academic and professional institutions.

TOEFL exam preparation: How to prepare online and with books

Preparing for an exam is never easy, especially in a language that isn’t fully mastered. But even so, there is no need to get discouraged, there are certain guidelines to keep in mind to delve (and train) in the TOEFL exams and excel in a language like English.

Developing vocabulary

Do you get frustrated when you can’t remember or use new words? Do you find that you keep using the same words over and over again? Here are some tips for developing vocabulary:

Some Oddities of English – Contronyms

There are many oddities or strange things in every language and in this case, the language is English. I am going to talk about contronyms in this article. Let’s look at what they are.

How to improve your English listening

When I ask students about their English learning objectives, they often answer that they want to improve listening, particularly to understand native speakers of English. So, why is listening so difficult? What can you do to improve your listening skills?

Ever Wondered How Best to Improve Your Spoken English?

Here are some tips to improve your spoken English.

C1 English exam: online simulation, price, how to do it and how to prepare.

The C1 English or C1 Advance is a level that equates individuals capable of more complex tasks in the English language. Those with a C1 level are expected to be able to understand a wide variety of long and demanding texts.