Cost of the IELTS exam: how much does the certification costs

The IELTS exam is an evaluation that tests English for employees, but this was already covered in a previous entry. The evaluation is certified by the Common European Framework of Reference, and the costs to take it depend on each country.

However, just like a TOEFL test, IELTS is evaluated in authorized centers and provides certificates of approval once the exam has been given. The entity that provides the review will give in the days following the assessment the corresponding certificates. The tests can be both on paper and by computer.

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IELTS: Particular costs.

As mentioned before, the cost of the IELTS test depends on the territory in which you live,  the standard price  is 224 Euros for the academic exam and the General Training test. The IELTS to immigrate to the United Kingdom (Academic and General) is 247 Euros and the IELTS Life Skills (which evaluates competition inEnglish A1 and B1) costs 170 euros.

IELTS: Certificates.

The results of the exams are published with regard to the type of exam given. The paper exam is published 13 days after and the version by computer is sent to the examinee between 3 to 5 days after the date taken. language certificates will be sent to the addressestions designated in the code postcard provided by the person who took the test.

Likewise, if the person wishes, they can request that up to 5 copies be sent to the institutions of your choice, whether they are universities, government agencies, etc. Also, if you want to add an extra copy, you will be charged 20 euros for each extra that is requested and if the chosen institution is in othernation, he will be asked to examine the paid 15 euro extra for shipment International.

The request for revision of the exam costs an extra 125 euros and if a re correction of the IELTS Life Skills Test will be demanded at 95 euros, but in case the correction results in an increase in the grade, the cost will be refunded to the student.