TOEFL: Dates, place of the exam, how difficult is it?

The TOEFL exam can be very difficult if we do not prepare well

Many doubts arise when you take the test with a foreign language on a daily basis, but if you intend to take the TOEFL test, it is normal to wonder how difficult this test can be.

It is important to note that dealing with these types of circumstances is never easy, no matter how prepared you are or how confident you have gained from learning, so the assistance of a professional in the field is vital to successfully passing a proof.

Speakingathome can prepare you in a bearable and didactic way for this exam, making the candidate arrive with confidence at the time of evaluation.

How difficult is it to study for the TOEFL?

When a candidate sits for an exam, the difficulty will always depend on the preparation time available. In the case of the TOEFL, having failed or passed the exam, it all comes down to the expectations you want to meet.

A crucial factor is what level of English proficiency you want to certify, because this will affect the time invested in studying and the number of subjects that must be completed to achieve it, since studying to certify a B2 is not the same as a C1.

In summary, the degree of difficulty will vary from one person to another, since variables such as the previous level of studies, the time available to study and/or learn or the level of English that is aspired are circumstances to take into account.

Exam date TOEFL

Although post-isolation times have accelerated remote evaluations, there are many authorized centers in each country that allow you to take the TOEFL exam, since it is an exam distributed throughout the world.

ETS (Education Testing Service) offers the consultation of dates by country and by proximity to the city where you live, and at the same time allows you to consult the dates offered by each center to take the test.