TOEFL exam: Fees, How can you do it and what the English certification is for

Excellence is not usually free, but neither is it unapproachable. TOEFL exams have a series of essential steps to achieve a successful qualification

TOEFL exams are an effective alternative if you want to certify your English skills, since they are widely accepted among English-speaking academic and professional institutions.

However, to carry out this exam, it must also be taken into account that they are carried out by authorized centers and that certain fees must be paid to take the test itself.

TOEFL Test Certification: Fees

The cost to certify a TOEFL exam varies from country to country, but its fees are in the range of 200 dollars, sometimes more and sometimes less, but in the vast majority they use this floor.

In the UK in particular, the fee to access it’s 245 dollars, while for example in the USA, the price rises to the amount of 255 dollars.

ETS allows you to observe what the amounts are according to the region in which the student is located, in the same way that it contemplates extra fees for certain circumstances:

This table shows in detail the extra costs under certain circumstances, but doesn't reflect the final prices in case of adding tax values. That will depend on each country and if it's taxed with them.

How to take the TOEFL exam

This test has more than 50 dates to take during the year, and for this, the applicant for the certificate must follow a series of steps:

  • Prepare for the exam
  • Register with ETS or an authorized test center
  • Pay the exam fee
  • And this can be resolved in person or remotely, according to the candidate's taste

To know the details related to the steps necessary to solve the TOEFL exam, this article has all the details about it.

Remote TOEFL exams are here to stay, and although they were carried out before the pandemic, they are now widespread.

TOEFL iBT: Where is taken

The exam can be done on a computer, only in an authorized center, or remotely. It will only require a PC at home and an Internet connection, for choosing the particular day and making a reservation.

The choice will depend on the student, the availability of both dates and time to perform it, and whether they prefer to do it at home or in a center, which can be chosen based on the closest radius to their own location.

What is it for and who are the recipients of the certification?

One of the multiple uses of this type of test is the qualification used as a requirement to obtain academic degrees.

The TOEFL exam can also be a requirement to travel abroad, and even obtain Visas to visit some English-speaking countries.

In general, the TOEFL iBT is aimed at students of English in High School or University, since it has a multilevel character to accredit candidates with a certificate between levels from B1 until C1.