Get free online English lessons with Speakingathome

What's better than taking English lessons by yourself? Invite your friends to take English lessons. As we already know the academic world and the job market are very competitive, but don't let behind your friends in the process.

That is why at Speakingathome we offer the possibility of inviting a friend so both of you can discover the benefits of learning Shakespeare's language.

With this functionality you can invite your friends or family to book a free lesson, because if your friend or family member ends up later buying at least a voucher of 10 lessons or more, then you will automatically receive not one, but 2 free lessons.

If you want your friends to be part of the adventure of learning English, you can follow these steps:

1. Login to your Speakingathome account.

2. In the left menu select the option “invite friends”. When you click, the screen to send invitations to your family or friends will appear. On this screen you will see your address or invitation link in a text field, your friends and/or family members must use that link to register on our website (they will get a free English lesson just for registering):

Screen with the functionality to invite friends from Speakingathome

3° There are multiple options to invite your friends. You can copy and paste the invitation link and share it yourself, or use our sharing buttons via Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter. You can also invite your family or friends to our platform, by clicking on the "Invite by email" button, this button will open a dialog window where you can write the email address of your friends to invite them and we will send the invitation for you. You only need to separate each email by space, and press 'Send'.

Dialogue to invite friends to Speakingathome by email

4° Once the invitations are sent, your friends must register in order to be able to take lessons at Speakingathome. As soon as they register, they will get a free trial with us, and you will receive your 2 free lessons as soon as they buy a voucher for 10 lessons or more.

Message informing that emails that you wrote have been sent to your friends from Speakingathome

In this way, you allow your acquaintances to take the first step in improving their English, a goal that will help them find that desired job or allow them to take that trip they so desire. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions about this promotion.