KET Certification: English Test Level and Test.

The KET certificate (Key English Test) is a certificate that corresponds to level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The A2 is the level that marks the basic users of Shakespeare's language.

From Speakingathome we can guide you how to take the KET exams.

KET Exam Level:

The KET is focused on those who want to raise their level of English, since although it is a basic level, it is a step that allows access to other levels and expands knowledge. It always starts with something small.

The exam gives you opportunities to prepare for B1 and B2 First. The A2 allows you to be a tourist in an English-speaking country and establish basic relationships with other people and possible future contacts, but not at a professional level.

At this level, one can understand frequently used phrases and expressions that have immediate importance, communicate routine and simple tasks that require exchange of simple and direct topics. Finally, aspects of personal life are described in simple terms and immediately understandable.

KET Exam Format.

The KET test takes a total of one hour and forty minutes. Reading and writing are done in the same section of the exam and it is the one that lasts one hour. Listening lasts thirty minutes and Speaking lasts between eight and ten minutes.

Reading has thirty questions divided into 5 parts:

Writing has 2 parts, in the first you must write a message in response to the information that has been provided. Candidates must write 25 words or more instead of 25–35 words as was previously done before the exam format changed.

In the second part, you must write a short story based on three images, with 35 words or more.

The Listening consists of 25 questions divided into 5 parts and each section of this part of the exam has different objectives.

  • Part 1: Multiple choice short texts. Listen to five short texts to understand specific information and choose the appropriate image (A, B, C).
  • Part 2: Fill in the blanks. Listen to a longer text and write the missing information in the blanks (a word, number, date or time).
  • Part 3: Long text with multiple choice. Listen to a longer text to understand specific information, attitudes and opinions.
  • Part 4: Multiple choice. Listen to five short messages and understand the main idea or message.
  • Part 5: Relate. Listen to a longer text and find out specific information.

Speaking consists of 2 parts in which the examinee must make use of their vocabulary and is divided into an individual introductory part and a collaborative part. The individual part consists of candidates being introduced to interactive language and answering the examiner's questions about their daily lives. Then they answer a long question.

The Collaborative Part consists of comparing, describing and expressing opinions between the candidates from a series of images that serve as a guide on a topic. Then there is a conversation led by the examiner on the same subject.

The exam score ranges from 100 to 150 points, and depending on the results will be graded with A, B and C. A is "Passed with distinction", B is "Passed with Merit" and C is "Passed".

KET Exam Simulation

Reading and Writing 

Reading and Writing Ket test sample


Speaking Ket test sample


With all these clear concepts, you can continue preparing to take the exam with more confidence: From Speakingathome, preparing for this certification will be very easy, and you will take your first steps in mastering English with absolute confidence.